Incogo is social media for your real life.

Who are we?

We are part of the 78%* of people who are frustrated with the superficial way social media is used so we created our own platform, purpose-built to mirror the way we interact in our real lives.  *According to McCrindle research 2015

Unlike other platforms, on Incogo we don't follow profiles. Instead, we support journeys... 

We all know social media profiles are an idealised view of ourselves. Journeys, however, are true actions that we are living, here and now.

...and we don't need your likes. Instead, we want your support.

Support, don't follow. It feels good to support the people we care about. 

Incogo is built
with privacy in mind.

Your private journeys are totally confidential. No one, including us at Incogo, can find or see them unless they are invited by you.

Because some things in life are personal... 

Create your own solo journeys. Ones that don't require an audience.

...while other things are best shared with your friends.  

On Incogo, you can choose which of your real life friends to invite to each particular journey. That way you are able to share the multiple aspects of your personality the same way you would in real life.

Is there something the world needs to hear about?

A public journey is open for all to see. It’s your opportunity to openly share the public side of your personality and perhaps inspire people everywhere.

Once we start seeing our lives as many different journeys happening at once, Incogo becomes a digital reflection.

Over time, we will be able look back, reflect and reminisce.

So, let's get it started!

Start your journeys, invite friends, discover awesome public journeys and bring substance from your real life into your social media life today.